November Update

I’m on a roll for missing things these days! I missed the October Update – which I just realized yesterday. I missed Make it Happen Monday last week (sorry!) ! I have never claimed to be the most organized person ever. Maybe that should be my goal for 2018… which is slowly sneaking up on us!

But while it’s still November, lets focus on this month.

This time of year is always a tough one for me! I have always found myself really affected by the lack of sunlight that plagues Alberta this time of year. The sun comes up around 8, and disappears at 5:30. What I usually notice is a distinct lack of energy throughout the day.

But you know what? I’ve been rolling with it. I’ve been making sure I take my vitamins and my medication. I’ve been trying to get out during sunlight every chance I get. I’ve also been taking naps, guilt free, as I need them. Yes, that’s right – GUILT FREE NAPS. Ain’t no reason to feel bad about a nap you need!

Despite the increased bit of fatigue and lack of general sunlight, November has been a great month for Standing Strong Wellness. About a month ago I released my first ebook which I named “Anxiety Workbook” – a labour of love that I am extremely proud of. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, visit the “products” tab at the top of my website and check out the details!

Moving forward, I really want to be able to release more content for free. So my question to you readers is, what kind of ebook would you like to see next? I am open to any and all suggestions, so please feel free to share them in the comments below!

Also, I put on my very first workshop at the beginning of this month in cooperation with my partners SURFSET YYC. It was a really great moment for me. I was really nervous at first, especially during the planning phase, but my partner told me to “embrace my destiny”.

My supportive partner catching some winter rays with me


I felt that those were such beautiful words of encouragement, because it’s true: this is what I am meant to do. And now is not the time to shy away! The first time doing anything is a bit nerve wracking – and me nor anyone else should be dissuaded from a challenge – especially when it’s a challenge that is good for us.

What is the last thing you shied away from? Did you get down on yourself, and tell yourself you couldn’t do it? The truth often is that we are capable of so much more than we ever realize we are.


That’s whats new with me this month! What’s new with you?

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Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Health Writer. I love making healthy, plant-forward recipes and enjoy eating without labels. My focus is on supporting a healthy gut and acknowledging the role that a healthy gut plays in overall physical and mental wellbeing.

One thought on “November Update

  1. I love these photos. Although I am not the biggest fan of snow, I think it always looks pretty in images. I live in the UK and the sun disappears at 5 now as well. It has affected my mood so I have been trying to increase my vitamins. I would actually love an ebook on how to create one, because I have been wanting to write one for a long time. x


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