Netflix Review: “Tony Robins – I am not your Guru”

If you on the journey to living your best life, I’m gonna bet that you know who Tony Robbins is. I mean, he’s one of the most well-known motivational speakers out there. Maybe even the best, but lets not argue. I’m here to tell you about the movie I watched on Netflix the other day, “Tony Robbins: I am not your guru”.

So, just to give this review a bit of context, I am really into motivational videos. I listen to them almost every day on YouTube. So I am familiar with Tony and some of his philosophies. I use them to get me ‘revved up’ and into the right mindset for the day. Tony usually has a way of getting me pretty pumped.

So before starting this documentary, I was expecting the 2 hour versioning that. A pumped up, adrenaline inducing, energetic experience, in the comfort of my own lazy-boy.

About 2 minutes in the movie, I knew I was wrong.

Let’s just say, it starts off deep. My heart was sinking into my stomach. This movie was not going to be about relating to me, but about relating to humanity.

This movie follows Tony at one of his ‘Date with Destiny’ seminars, which takes place over a couple of days with attendees from all over the world.

I have to admit, this movie took me on a truly emotional journey. The director has a way of making you feel like you are right there in the audience, taking place in the event. You are given a chance to reflect on your own life, and to connect with the audience members who share their story on screen.

And you get to learn about Tony Robbins. Watching this documentary gave me an incredible amount of respect for him, even more so than I had before. Tony’s passion for changing lives is apparent; he doesn’t communicate with people, he connects.


This movie isn’t for everyone. It’s for someone who wants a movie of subsstance; a movie they can take something from after dedicating two hours to the tv screen.

Although I can’t describe my experience as energetic or adrenaline inducing, it was definitely uplifting. It caused me to do some real introspection and remind myself that I am amazing, and I am capable, no matter where I’ve been or what I’m going through.

My suggestion is that you watch it earlier in the day so you have time to process your feelings after. Then go hug someone you love.

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2 thoughts on “Netflix Review: “Tony Robins – I am not your Guru”

  1. My husband mentioned wanting to watch it. It isn’t something I would normally watch but since I read your review I think I’ll check it out!


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