What’s a Setback?

If I’m being transparent, I have to say that this day was ultimately difficult for me.

I woke up today expecting to take my “after” photo for my Strong to the Finish challenge. I had prepared myself yesterday as well as I could. Exercised, ate what I was supposed to, tried to keep the stress low…

I don’t know what happened, but I woke up so bloated. If you have been following me for a while, then you know that my body has become really sensitive to certain foods and I know for sure to steer clear of dairy but I do suspect there are other substances out there affecting me.

In my head I’m  like… what did I do wrong? Was it the hummus I put on my chicken? I wish I could just go back and try again.

I couldn’t bring my best. And I’m not being hard on myself you guys, I truly didn’t look like… like me.

A wave of disappointment washed over me.

I have waited weeks for this day. I’ve played it over again and again in my head. And nothing went according to plan.

I spent the whole morning spiraling trying to figure out how to deal with my emotions. Lack of control is a hard pill for me to swallow. I did the best I could to distract myself at work. I asked for support. I cuddled with my puppies. I listened to acoustic music and made myself some stress relief tea.

I don’t want make it sound too dramatic. I do actually have an entire week to send in the after photo and I am so grateful for that, because I really want it to be an accurate representation of all my hard work – and not just me on an off day. I am happy for that.

But that feeling of disappointment was so real to me. I mean… have you ever planned out a moment in your life, and it just didn’t even turn out near how you thought? Forget the details, that’s a tough situation for anyone to deal with. Especially when there has been a lot of pressure and/or excitement leading up to it!

In short, I gave myself today to go through the motions. I am beginning to heal. And I eagerly await for tomorrow. I’m keeping my spirits up!

So what’s a setback? It’s a set up for a comeback. It’s an opportunity to do even BETTER than you had imagined. I’m talking like *blow it out of the water* type of thing.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the mantra that helped me make it through this day.



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Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Health Writer. I love making healthy, plant-forward recipes and enjoy eating without labels. My focus is on supporting a healthy gut and acknowledging the role that a healthy gut plays in overall physical and mental wellbeing.

2 thoughts on “What’s a Setback?

  1. The most difficult person to disappoint is ourselves, isn’t it?
    I’ve been following your blog long enough, that I know you’ll get past this. It might be a setback, but it is slight compared to the big picture.
    You rock!


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